Woody Allen, who wrote and directed Blue Jasmine seems to know a great deal about dysfunction, as every character in the film could be described as dysfunctional.

Cate Blanchett, who won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Jasmine is the centerpiece of the film. I daresay that viewers do not take their eyes off her when she appears in a scene.

blue jasmine

Jasmine is married to Hal (Alec Baldwin) whom we see mostly in flashbacks as Jasmine starts a new life in San Francisco. The couple had been wealthy New Yorkers with all the trappings that go with it. Gradually, Jasmine learns that Hal habitually sees other women while pretending to love her, particularly by presenting her with jewelry and everything else that she could possibly want.

In addition to his romantic dalliances, Hal is also uncovered as a thieving investment broker in the tradition of Bernie Madoff, and is sentenced to prison for his offenses. This leaves Jasmine penniless and friendless as people wonder if she knew of her husband’s trickery towards their friends.

Shamefully, Hal had previously talked Jasmine’s sister and brother-in-law, Ginger (Sally Hawkins) and Augie (Andrew Dice Clay) into investing their lottery winnings of $200,000 into a venture of Hal’s rather than following their plan to have Augie start his own business. Of course, their money is totally lost when the venture does not pan out, and bad feelings arise between the two couples.

Cate Blanchett in Blue JasmineWe are initially introduced to Jasmine (prior to the flashbacks) as she flies to San Francisco to live with Ginger since she is totally broke and has no place to go. She is not received well by Augie, who is not in the picture for long as he and Ginger are soon divorced and Ginger takes up with what Jasmine considers another loser. Sally Hawkins, who plays Ginger, also won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

In San Francisco, Jasmine takes a job as a dentist’s receptionist although her dream is to become an interior designer. She could take the course online although she has no computer skills and no money for the course. She considers a receptionist position as a step down and is soon even more disillusioned as the dentist makes sexual advances towards her and she is forced to quit the job.

A co-worker invites Jasmine to a gala evening where she meets a handsome widowed doctor and proceeds to lie to him, pretending to be an interior decorator, to save face. It happens that the doctor, named Dwight, has just purchased a home and wants to hire her to decorate it for him. He is also attracted to the person Jasmine. Of course, he soon finds out about her deceit and leaves her.

Throughout the film, we get close-up glimpses of Jasmine as she drinks too much, dresses beautifully, stares off into space, and tries desperately to start a new life while holding onto her old habits as a New York socialite with no money worries.

The story of Jasmine has been compared to A Streetcar Named Desire as the heroine suffers from falling onto hard times. This is not a film that will lift your spirits. Woody Allen’s perspective on unhappy lives is broader than the average person’s. Jasmine does not solve her problem before the end of the picture, which leaves the viewer hanging as to what awaits her in the future.

Selecting Kelly Marcel to publish the adaptation has been a powerful choice. I’m curious just how closely the girl work right here and thinking about the method E.L. James made the girl deals about this movie as well as the approach she’s recently been spoken regarding by the people operating on the film, Now I’m guessing Dakota Johnson was seriously involved and this the version is because close since they will certainly make it as to what was upon the webpage.

Fifty Shades of Grey watch online feels in several ways like an infused generation of The Bachelor. Not really so a lot wooden since cardboard, Christian is less a totally realized character than a symbol of the kind of generic, wholly unimaginative interpretation of extreme prosperity the company aims to observe on actuality television. Dornan has one of those real faces that makes you believe you might have face blindness. Whenever he appears in a scene, there is a break up second of wondering in case it’s the dog or somebody else.

fifty shades of grey watch online

We give Dakota Johnson the credit she really deserves. She’s obtained an unwinnable role upon her fingers here, as well as she attempts to find the grace records she can easily play to aid elevate the material. She actually is a beautiful young female, and she actually is quite skilled at humor. She manages for making some fairly leaden dialogue almost work, and also she is actually savvy adequate to find out just how to perform the precise kind of shy and also demure that will drives the Big Negative Wolf ridiculous. Jamie, who will be very very good on the Netflix collection The Drop, does their best because well, yet he’s much more stranded through the creating than Manley is. When Dornan has his big moment finally, the series of discussion he offers to provide is actually so laughable that absolutely no actor in existence could that. Dornan is keenly aware of the visual impact he’s, and The Slide, he has the curdled horror that may be buried beneath the epidermis of their character expertly, using their appearance together of his or her most crucial weapons.

Why 50 Shades of Grey is so hot movie now

Many individuals race by means of the guide Fifty Shades of Grey online for the fantasies in our own heads. E. James is probably not much of a prose stylist, but he can write an dirty effectively, very hot and sometime scenes when she’s put by her mind to it. James tosses in information of submission, love games and good white wine beverages. And without the uninteresting bits regarding private choppers and tiresome wine -sipping, it’s just about all tatty, stimulating fun. Mind-blowing book product sales for James’ enthusiastic attempts, among mature especially, self-actualized women, recommend that Me not by yourself inside my privately owned enjoyment of such engorged, erotic semi-literature.

The surprise, in case there will be big surprise in this article, is the fact the film has found a slyly humorous tone for much of the running time. Nicholson gets almost all the correct kinds of laughs along with Ana’s upset or chops-busting reactions to be able to her Dominant’s latest shows of hotness, or even scariness. Reading the novel, which usually set an archive for high-volume, successful yet grimly downbeat orgasms in mainstream erotica clinically, nothing and nobody seemed human, as well as humanoid. The movie does, though Dornan struggles to maintain Johnson’s free, ingratiating tempos. He’s certainly not terrible, however the North Ireland native’s dialect function doesn’t pretty sound organic, as well as has a way of hitting one note emotionally per scene and sticking with it, whilst trying to not blink. This is just what they train models-turned-actors from the Hawklike Stare College of Stressed Dreamboats.

fifty shades of grey hot dance

In case you come in order to watch Fifty Shades of Grey looking for true kink, you have found the best place. Get peacock feathers and satiny blindfolds you’ll, horsehair makes better for tickling compared to flogging and also, of training course, many pricey silk neckties. The Fifty Shades phenomenon could have courted controversy for its exploration of a relationship, however story of this specific is certainly hot.

You have to give credit to author John Green for being one of the few adult authors who understands the teenager point of view. Even more so, he knows that point of view in sick children who happen to have cancer and other diseases. No matter that some critics picked his The Fault in Our Stars apart as contrived sick lit, it really has much more going for it than anything else similar. And now that it’s being made into a movie, you can see its genre as a recurring pattern every generation. Each one of those generations upholds a certain book showcasing the blend of how being sick doesn’t prevent love from brewing between two people.

The Fault in Our Stars

The idea that love can transcend the knowledge the protagonists won’t live for very long is near Shakespearian in its overtones. While Shakespeare didn’t use illness to show the fate of Romeo and Juliet, it seemed both already sensed their relationship was fated to disaster due to their feuding families. Having the twist of a fateful disease has been the more modern way to feed off a similar fate while still not necessarily ending tragically.

This kind of idea is usually thought to have its origins in Erich Segal’s Love Story in 1970, and a massive paperback bestseller that year. Conceived as a screenplay first, Segal was forced by Paramount to put out a novelization first, which solidified the idea that the book has to come first before the movie. What made Love Story so interesting is it turned a tragedy into an uplifting romantic story nobody had seen often prior. It also dealt with cancer head-on (or leukemia) during a time when stories about cancer were few to none.

For those who’d never read French literary works, they wouldn’t have known that Love Story was actually a modern retread of a book called The Lady of the Camellias by Three Musketeers writer Alexandre Dumas. It proved a direct historical line in the love story genre of one half a couple having a fatal disease. While written 120 years apart, Love Story brought this angle into the 20th century and became copied endlessly afterward.

Since then, how many times have we seen Love Story incorporated into other books and movies? And how will The Fault of Our Stars be different bringing the truth of cancer into the lives of an amorous couple?

The Appeal of the Fateful Romance and Showing Cancer Realities

You can see the Love Story formula permeate in dozens of other works afterward, including The English Patient on up to a few years ago with the original Gus Van Sant movie Restless, starring Mia Wasikowska. While the former book and movie showed the tragedy of missed opportunity after death, the latter original film brought a similar philosophy to The Fault in Our Stars in placing a bittersweet happy face on cancer.

the-fault-in-our-stars-movie2For whatever reason, the female of the romantic couple has always been the one facing the burden of having the cancer. This pattern might have been set because the female of the couple can generally gain more sympathy than the male can. The Fault in Our Stars took a twist on this and had both the male and the female have cancerous conditions. It also took on the realities of what cancer does to the body rather than just use it as a background reference. No more did there have to be scenes of seeming perfectly ok one minute, then suddenly in a hospital bed.

Teens loved seeing how raw and real John Green’s book was based on his own personal experiences working as a student chaplain in a children’s hospital. He may have continued the Love Story tradition for a new generation, yet also opened up a new possibility in more books and movies taking on the details of disease rather than letting them be a contrived plot device.

We’ve seen plenty of movies about the details of what AIDS does to people. Cancer has frequently been shied away from in fictional tales showing what people actually go through and the treatments involved. If The Fault in Our Stars assures yet another long generational line in romantic tales with diseases at the helm, we might at least get more attempts at taking on accurate details of disease in other fiction projects.


As we have in trying to cope in a chaotic world, you can probably expect more books and movies to help you feel inspired rather than down when a perfect romantic couple dies long before they reach their 30s.

How to train your dragon 2

If you happened to be an adult who watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 with your kids or by yourself, you probably had your jaw hanging open for a minute at how the film really worked for adults on a powerful level. That’s because it took on some very complex themes in the analogic realm of trying to keep peace within a complicated conflict between humans and dragons. But that’s only the start of it, and the film assumes all along that kids will appreciate the brutal honesty of reality in times of conflict and how it sometimes requires the offspring to step up despite lack of experience.

Yes, the film manages to take on these themes while subsequently being entertaining and funny. While that shows the adept writing of former animator Dean DeBlois, it’s not necessarily unique to movies designed for kids. There’s a definite trend going on in movies designed for those below 18 to present issues that are quite adult with the assumption kids can handle it. Many of those kids might be recent graduates of the Harry Potter movie school.

Did the Harry Potter Movies Bring More Adult Issues to Kids?

The original intention of the Harry Potter books and movies was to become increasingly more sophisticated and take on more adult issues with the assumption the audience would grow up with the characters. While that was the case for the most part, you still heard stories of kindergarten age kids being taken to the last Harry Potter movies and being scared out of their wits. Apparently those parents didn’t get the memo those films were intended for a slightly older audience who slowly matured to deal with the more violent situations in the latter quarter of the series.

How To Train Your Dragon 2014

This might have created a bit of a problem for those who followed suit in wanting to copy the Harry Potter formula to avoid being too innocent. Those other films didn’t stop and realize that there’s going to be considerable overlap when it comes to marketing a film toward kids. The mystery right now is how young is too young to make a film overly sophisticated with the themes being explored in the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy?

With the sequel only getting a PG rating, it’s clear that it’s meant for all ages as long as a parent is there with them. If you go to movie theaters regularly, then you’ve probably noticed how many parents take their youngest kids to movies like this with intention of giving them their first movies experience. Would a five-year-old be able to digest some of the messages in How to Train Your Dragon 2, or are movies subjecting overly complex ideas into kids a little too young?

The Disappearance of the ‘G’ Rating

You have to wonder why the MPAA even bothers keeping the ‘G’ rating going. Along with NC-17, the polar opposites of the MPAA ratings scale seem to equal box office anathema for the most part. While you still see a few NC-17 movies in a year, you see virtually no G-rated movies anymore. There seems to be a fear of giving kids something overly innocent with the notion that it won’t be up to their more sophisticated standards already at preschool age.

Is that really a mistake, though, when much of society laments kids being exposed to violence and adult themes so early? The good news is that How to Train Your Dragon is the closest to G of any kids movie in a while, and it only received PG because of the battle sequences with the dragons. The movie somehow manages to be both sophisticated and innocent all at the same time, which is a balance all movies for kids are probably going to attempt from now on.

Flying with dragon

Rather than scare kids witless, there may be more attention to moral dilemmas that the Dragon trilogy reinforces. In many ways, it’s a throwback to Star Wars on a slightly more complex wavelength. That’s because kids aware of the world around them know the world is becoming overly complex with problems more challenging to solve. How to Train Your Dragon 2 teaches this while also showing you have to make sacrifices in order to find any sort of peaceful outcome. At the same time, figuring out who your enemies are also becomes more of a challenge.

If the Harry Potter movies also taught this, the Dragon trilogy uses dragons as the analogy of someone from the enemy side managing to cross over into your own life. When that happens, you have kids placed into occasional quagmire situations that are far different from earlier generations.